Yvonne Nelson does not have influence on me politically – Efia Odo

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Ghanaian actress and media personality, Efia Odo, has said on Angel Drive Time show that Yvonne Nelson cannot influence her politically.

Her comment on the show hosted on Angel FM by Quophi Okyeame comes to clear the perception the public has, suggesting that Yvonne has to some extent had control over her.

It follows her recent actions where she mounted pressure on the government to provide better living conditions for the Ghanaian citizenry through a social media protest dubbed “Fix the country”.

However, in her attempt to switch the campaign from social media to demonstration on the streets of Accra the actress got arrested with other 10 members of the team.

Efia Odo had also expressed her stance on Ghana Health Service’s directive to get people flying in and out of the country fully vaccinated.

On her Instagram page for instance, she wrote, “Malaria kills more people than Covid-19 (approximately 20,000 yearly) but they’re mandating us to take a vaccine.

“Taking a vaccine should be a personal choice and not mandatory decision. Guess I’m stacked in Ghana forever [because] I’m not taking any disapproved vaccine.”

These actions hers appeared to have some similarities with Yvonne Nelson’s who had been on the government’s neck to provide accountability to the people.

Yvonne made a tweet questioning the government about her silence on the security issues in the country and expressed her disappointment in the president.

She also called out on his colleagues who she claimed had taken money from the ruling government. She described them with a clown emoji saying their voice had been taken from them during the #fixthecountry campaign on social media hence their silence during the campaign in spite of all the happenings in the country.

Being friends and collegaues with similar interests, it made the host Quophi Okyeame ask Efia Odo if Yvonne Nelson had influence on her political stance.

However, the actress debunked the notion that she was not been influenced politically by her friend, even though she admitted that Yvonne is very influential.

“She is a great influence; I have seen her do the Dumsor protest” she said adding “she can be a great influence on me” but stressed that Yvonne is not the reason she is taking the government on.


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