I think my fuel gauge is faulty – John Dumelo sarcastic about fuel prices

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Popular Ghanaian actor now turned politician, John Dumelo, has added his voice to those of celebrities who have aired their views about increasing prices of fuel in the country.

The actor sarcastically tweeted about the ever-increasing price of fuel in the country. His tweet read, “I just bought fuel and my red light is still on. I think the gauge is faulty.”John Dumelo

The comment about the fuel price rise led to many reactions with some admonishing him to desist from making propaganda comments because, the hike was one of global concern.

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Grateful replied to his comment, “Fuel prices go up everywhere same naa this government do now what we dey see? Abeg don’t play politics with this…u know say the Russian / Ukraine dey worry too. I like you very much please don’t throw dust in our eyes.”

A similar comment from a follower suggested, increase in fuel prices in the country was a global problem and not to be politicized. AL haji Piles. WorthTheWaitFX also wrote to support the global increase in fuel prices.

“Well fix it then, none on here are mechanics. The world is crying at large please don’t try to point hands at one end”.

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Daniel also added that, this was not time for propaganda and the actor needed to come Clare with his point. Make your point clear Sir, Ghana doing well should start with you as you preach it not propaganda, love you”.

Jesse ‘s comment to support the claim also read, ’Actually the whole world is facing fuel crises and Nigeria is even worse because there is fuel scarcity. Note: this is not a political tweet just an observation.’

Despite a number of people being of the view that increase in fuel prices was one with a global concern, others were with the view that things were generally difficult in the country as increase in fuel prices in the country has led to economic hardships.

Ama Shugagti replied to the post,” I think less than a month the whole country will be going bankrupt”.

Concra Gh came in with his reply to the tweet as “U fill de tank wey de gauge still red B4, Ghana go show you.”

Nana Kwame Bediako Ched also wrote, “Africa ankasanu if you are able to live here heaven shouldn’t be hard for you.”

Abdukkahijalloh also wrote, Hahaa it’s not your gauge bro, it’s the economy.”

John Dumelo has been numbered among the many celebrities in Ghana who have either complained about the increase of fuel prices or the economic hardship in the country. Celebrities such as D-Black, Beverly Afaglo, Yvonne Nelson, Kaw Kesse, Lydia Forson and several others have added their voices to the increase in fuel prices.


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