Allow people vent their frustrations about e-levy – Lydia Forson tells the rich

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Actress, Lydia Forson, has said that the rich and affluent in society who can afford to pay the e-levy should not stop low-income earners from venting their concerns about the controversial bill now a law.

The actress, in a series of tweets on Wednesday, April 1, 2022 about the passage of e-levy asked that if e-levy is to increase domestic tax mobilization; what happens to those who’re actively paying their taxes already?

She again made a revelation on her twitter page that, she has never owned a momo account.

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She wrote, ”why are people so shocked to learn that I don’t have a momo account; maybe for the company, but I’ve never done a momo transaction before or even know how.”

“I only learnt about charges last year when my mum kept saying that I never add her charges”

Lydia Forson, who is noted for speaking her mind on social and national issues wrote again  again asking persons connected to people in ‘higher places’ to shut up and allow others have a say because that is all they have.

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She wrote, “If you’re rich or connected to people in power and don’t have to worry too much about where your next meal comes from, how to pay advance rent or fuel please STFU up when people are venting.”

“That’s all some have at the moment of frustration”, she defended.

Her comments attracted a number of responses with most of them siding with the actress.

@mozeir19 replied to the comment saying, “Exactly like me here, that my landlord wants me to pay 333 cedis for a month for 1 year. Initially paying 183 a month for2 years. He has added 150 cedis difference. Even he should let me give him 200 cedis for a month for 1 year, he has refuse.”

@Kwabr also added, “At this stage I wish I could go stand on the Adome bridge and shout my head off.”

E-levy was passed on the floor of parliament on March 29, 2022, by a one-sided majority after the minority cacus staged a walk out.

The bill was later assented into a law by President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo on March 31, 2022.


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