Church of Pentecost bans, revokes title of ‘paedophile’ elder

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The Assin Adiembra Assembly of the Church of Pentecost has has banned an elder from active participation in congregational activities after the elder defiled and impregnated a 14-year-old believed to be his wife’s sister.

Head pastor of the Assembly added that steps are being taken to officially strip the elder off his title.

The elder is reported to have given the victim a sum of GH¢550 for an abortion but the victim did not oblige to his request.

Mr. Tsatsu then gave the victim herbs suspected to be a concoction meant for the abortion which caused her to bleed profusely.

According to the church, the elder has gone against the church regulations and must face the consequences.

The Assin Adiembra area Head Pastor, Pastor Ebenezer Obuade, said they have reprimanded the suspect as the church does not condone such behaviour.

“Because we are a church that doesn’t condone such issues, we did an investigation and announced to the church that Elder Emmanuel Tsatsu will not be involved actively in church activities while we wait for his title as a church elder to be revoked.”

When asked why the church authorities did not report the case to the police, Pastor Ebenezer Obuade said that the church only deals with its constitution and leaves the criminal aspect to the laws of the state.

“We were informed the matter has already been reported to the police. Based on the church’s rules, he’s been dealt with because he has faulted  but regarding legal matters, it is not the church that would go and report that this is what our brother has done”, he told Angel News.

He added that “I’ve seen the elder around and I don’t think he’s been arrested but I am sure the law will deal with him because the chief told me the matter has been reported.”

He however, advised that the members should be each other’s keeper by getting closer to the meek ones. He said what has happened to their brother could be spiritual or lust so members should be measured when criticizing.


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