NPP needs fixing to break the eight – Bright Essilfie

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A National Organizer hopeful for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bright Essilfie Kumi has said that the party must work hard to improve its structures if it is serious about ‘breaking the eight’.

According to him, there is a lot of discontent among some faithfuls who have gone to the extent of ‘throwing curses’ at the party.

He explained that the aggrieved members worked hard and sacrificed time, resources and efforts to help the party secure victory in 2016 and 2020, however they have been side-lined and ‘forgotten’.

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“Realistically, if the party does not put things in order, we are losing, we cannot break the eight. The things I’m hearing based on my rounds [are not good]. From executive to the grassroots there are many things that need fixing for the eight to break itself. Saying break the eight is a mere sloganeering; break the eight with what?”, Mr. Bright Essilfie said on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofoↄ Morning Show on Monday, June 13.

After monitoring what is happening on the ground, he said that most people feel left out especially when it comes to opportunities. He estimated that NPP at the grassroots as well as financiers are unhappy due to what he described as “unfair distribution of opportunities.”

They have struggled and fought hard to move the party out of opposition and so if there is any benefit, they should be counted for their sacrifices, he said.

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As a solution, Mr. Essilfie Kumi said that he would set up a database system that would ensure a fair distribution of opportunities for Party members and businessmen who invest in the party when given the nod.

The Database System Analysis is expected to capture the names of members, when they joined the party, their contributions to the party, as well as record all the contributions of the party’s financiers to ensure even distribution of opportunities.

“It isn’t that the party doesn’t have opportunities but we have no systems of distribution to defer and that’s why we need a data system to include everybody including volunteer groups because they have worked tirelessly to fight for us to capture power but do we know what they want?”

He further criticized the poor communication system in the party noting that the grassroots don’t understand what is happening.

“The party communication is not functional…because you cannot select just 17 people to be party communicators to be speaking on radio and TV for the party. People don’t know what is going on and so if anyone sets any [negative] propaganda it works against us”

He thus suggested the establishment of National Communication Institute to train members in their own language at all levels to articulate the ideologies, achievements and policies of the party and perhaps give them allowances.


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