If I can be jailed for crimes, why can’t Aisha Huang face the law? – MP

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Member of Parliament for Abura Asebu, Elvis Morris Donkor, has queried why galamsey queen, Aisha Huang, was not jailed for her criminal activities in times past.

According to him, he does not support the deportation of the Chinese national by the NPP-led administration in 2019.

In his view, the embattled Aisha Huang should have faced the rigours of the Ghanaian laws to deter others and send strong signals to foreigners wanting to follow suit.

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“She was arrested in Ghana for her illegal activities…she should have been jailed. She should have been prosecuted in Ghana [instead of deporting her]”

He questioned if Government of Ghana can negotiate for his release should he be arrested in a foreign nation for crimes committed.

“What was Chinese government’s interest in this lady for them to attach that in a bilateral agreement. Is it because of Syno-hydro [loan]. If I can commit a crime in Ghana and be jailed in Ghana, why not that foreigner?”, he questioned on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show.

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The Abura-Asebu legislator further expressed worry over how Aisha Huang evaded security agencies to sneak into the country again.

Many Ghanaians have expressed concerns about the porous nature of the country’s borders following Aisha Huang’s re-entry in the wake of looming terrorism attacks in neighbouring states.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institute for Security, Disaster and Emergency Studies, Dr Ishmael Norman has remarked that Aisha Huang’s re-entry proves that  data of the Immigration Service is not interoperable with the data of the National Security and the Police Service.

Meanwhile, Security Analyst Dr Adam Bonaa has called for the resignation or sacking of the Comptroller of Ghana Immigration Service following her re-entry into Ghana.


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