Kwahu East: 35 school children benefit from Bryan Acheampong Foundation

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At least 35 children from the Kwahu East Municipality in the Eastern Region have received free scholarship under Bryan Acheampong Foundation’s “Mentees Project.”

The Bryan Acheampong Foundation, a non-governmental organisation founded by Member of Parliament for Abetifi, in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service, launched the “Mentees Scholarship Project”, in November 2021.

The project is aimed at supporting brilliant but needy pupils within the Kwahu East District. Some items provided to support their education include school bags, school uniforms, textbooks, notebooks, exercise books, and other stationeries.

Also, domestic amenities such as electricity and water supply shall be made available to the beneficiaries depending on their living conditions since the foundation is of the belief that their living conditions will play a major role in their academic performance.

This scholarship was opened to all school-going children from the basic to tertiary educational levels.

Collaborating with the Ghana Education Service, the foundation has this year offered 35 children a package under the “Mentees Project”, one of the foundation’s scholarship categories.

This year’s beneficiaries mark the second batch to benefit from the project and it brings the current total number of beneficiaries to 65.

According to the MP, the project is being implemented together with other scholarship schemes as part of the general scholarships offered by the Foundation. Other categories include the undergraduate and the postgraduate Scholarship Schemes.

Explaining the process of awarding the beneficiaries scheme, Mr. Acheampong said the 62 needy but intelligent pupils from all the basic schools within the Kwahu East District, went through the selection process.

These students, he noted, competed for slots on the project and out of the number, 35 were shortlisted after a socio-economic background assessment was done on each of them.

“The project provides not just educational materials to beneficiaries, but also delves into offering emotional, psychological and other forms of domestic support to these children to yield an overall effective mentorship programme.

“Each beneficiary is placed in the care of a mentor who will guide them through their educational journey whilst also offering career guidance and support,” the MP added.

The Kwahu East lawmaker continued by assuring that the Foundation will “continue to extend their collaborative arm to individuals, institutions and agencies for partnership to help scale-up some of these programs to other districts to help achieve the SDG 4 in Ghana as whole.”

Bryan Acheampong Foundation has so far made significant impacts with some projects including the Teachers / Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme, The School Uniform Project, Educational Material Support, Infrastructure Development Project [Construction of KG Blocks] and the Mentees Project.

The Foundation is committed to improving the general educational standards in the district and ultimately the country as a whole.


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