CDH Group Chairman, Dr Adu Sarkodee sworn in as Manwerehene of Akwamu

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The Chairman of CDH Investment Holdings, Dr. Adu Sarkodee Afriyie, has been coronated as Nana Dr. Adu Sarkodee Afriyie, Manwerehene of the Akwamuhene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, in a timeless ceremony which dates from age immemorial in the ancient kingdom of Akwamu.

The traditional ceremony was held on Thursday, the 22nd of December 2022, at the Bogyawe Palace in Akwamufie, seat of the Akwamu paramountcy.

Clad in black cloth and a red headdress, colours which signified the pain a chief goes through when swearing the oath of allegiance, ‘Ntamkese’, in which he mentions and remembers ancestors and the fateful days of the State, Nana Dr. Adu Sarkodee Afriyie was accompanied to the ceremony grounds by his matrilineal cousin, Osabarima Nana Ansa Sasraku, Kyidomhene of Akuapem and Chief of the town and people of Mamfe in Okuapeman.

Adu Sarkodee CDH Akwamu

He was led to his seat amidst chants of warrior songs which have been passed down through the ages, interspersed with the firing of muskets to signify the arrival of an ‘Obrempong’.

The Akwamuhene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III

Last to grace the event grounds, was the Akwamuhene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, Paramount Chief of Akwamu, whose arrival was marked with a regal display of tradition, dancing and musketry, befitting the presence of the occupant of the ancient Paramountcy of Akwamu.

Manwerehen, Nana Dr Adu Sarkodee Afriyie (right) before the Akwamuhene (left)

Swearing the oath of allegiance to Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, Nana Dr. Adu Sarkodee Afriyie affirmed his resolution to serve Odeneho and Akwamuman to the best of his ability.

The ceremony was attended by the distinguished chiefs and people of Akwamuman from all walks of life, many notable dignitaries and staff and management of the CDH group.


About the Manwerehene 

The stool of the Manwerehene which fell vacant in Akwamuman is acceded by appointment and is historically reserved for a dignified and resourceful personality whom the King reposes total trust in with regard to all matters and confidences.

The word Manwere itself is literally translated from Twi as ‘Man’ which means State and ‘Wre’ which means soul. The Manwrehene is as such someone in whom the King has reposited his ‘soul or heart’ and is confident that he will provide a solution to any matter or desire brought before him.

His role also spans the responsibilities of a modern-day Interior Minister.

See more photos below:Adu Sarkodee CDH AkwamuAdu Sarkodee CDH AkwamuAdu Sarkodee CDH AkwamuAdu Sarkodee CDH Akwamu


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