Nkusukum Traditional Council: Advocacy chief destooled for being pro-LGBTQ+

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The recently installed Amankorahen [Developmental Chief] in the Central Region accused of being an activist for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ+) has been destooled.

The destoolment was done by the kingmakers of the Nkusukum Traditional Council of Mfantseman, Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Davis Mac Iyalla Amankorahen, the accused was formally instooled on Saturday, January 28, as the Amankorahen at a colorful ceremony. On the faithful day of the installing, it was speculated that the chief was an advocate for LGBTQ+.

According to the Paramount Chief of the Nkusukum Traditional Area, Nana Okese Essaudoh IX, they got to know the accused through some friends in Cape Coast as a Philanthropist well known for developmental projects in the area.

Davis Mac Iyalla was thus entrusted with the capacity to bring on board investors abroad to help foster development in the area.

This compelled the Chiefs and Elders to a deliberation where they proceeded and called on the elders of his families to honor him with the Amankorahen to assist Yamoransa and its environs.

However, after 72 hours of the installment, the Nananom and Kingmakers of the Traditional Council says it has stripped off the tittle from the accused because the brouhaha surrounding the entitlement is denting the council’s name.

The Paramount Chief of the Nkusukum Traditional Area, Nana Okese Essaudoh IX, made the announcement officially on Tuesday at a press conference held at the Yamoransa Chief Palace.

Paramount Chief of the Nkusukum traditional Area, Nana Okese Essaudoh IX,

He further declared the title conferred on Davis Mac Iyalla as ‘null and void’ citing his alleged practice “against the customs of the land and the traditional council at large.”

The Paramount Chief furthered that since the traditional council does not condone activities of LGBTQ+ they were not going to allow anybody associated with the practice to rule.

He also vowed that the Traditional Council shall forever act accordingly to the best practice of the customs to ensure they protect the legacy their forefathers left behind.


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