Tema Meridian Hotel in a mess, turned into defecation and dumping site [photos]

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The defunct Meridian Hotel situated at the Tema Meridian enclave in the Greater Accra Region is now dumping site for waste materials.

The one-time five-star facility built during the regime of Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. is now in a mess while residents now use the place for dumping refuse and fecal matter.

Angel News’ Correspondent, Augustine Ahiabor Nyalali, who visited premises of the once vibrant facility, reported that the current state of the place is n a worry to residents and opinion leaders in the community.

A section of the residents suggest the demolishing of the building owned by the state if it’s no longer useful.

According to them, building had developed serious cracks thereby posing a threat to to their lives.

They called on authorities within the Tema metropolis and the government to intervene and take immediate action because they feared the building would collapse and claim the lives of innocent souls.

The residents further called for sanctions and punishment for persons who have turned the place into a dumping grounds and place of convenience.

The Mankralo of Tema, Nii Adjetey Agbo, described the development as appalling and termed it as very dangerous to the lives of the people.

Nii Adjetey Agbo

He also indicated that armed robbers have taken full advantage of the situation and are using the building as an abode for their criminal activities.

Nii Shipi of the Tema Traditional Council is also urging the leadership of the Ghana Police in the area to get perpetrators arrested.

He observed that the police, responding to the call had the potential to end the activities of robbers who take full advantage of the place to rob individuals.


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