NPP Primaries: E/R Minister loses despite ‘bathing’ in the open

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Eastern Regional Minister, Eric Kwakye Darfour, has lost the NPP Parliamentary Primaries in the Nkawkaw Constituency.

The Regional Minister who is also the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the area lost to Joseph Frimpong.

This is in spite of allegation that the Minister bathed in the open as part of the directions to winning the seat.

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According to reports, the Minister, who is also the MP, reportedly undertook the action as part of the directions given to him by a spiritualist for him to win the primaries.

“The Minister started going from one village to the other to bath in the open at night, we understand it was part of the spiritual directions given him…,” the reporter narrated.

However, the Minister could not have a field day as the youth of Dantin and Banka reportedly blocked him from bathing in their town.

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“The youth were very angry and chased him out of the place…he then moved to another time and he was chased out once more…,” Angel FM correspondent Afia Pokua reported the youth to have said.

Reacting to this allegation, the Minister denied the claim and threatened to curse the youth of the town for peddling falsehood against him.

“Those who are making this serious allegation should know that we are all building a party, if you do this, how do we reconcile after this…,” he quizzed.

The Minister further said he was prepared to go every mile to clear his name.

“I am going to look for schnapps and go to the town and curse the people…why would I go and do such a primitive action?”

Source: Ghana | KWAKU NTI

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