It’ll take forever to list my achievements in Akwatia – Ama Sey touts

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The Member of Parliament for Akwatia, Mercy Adu Gyamfi, who recently lost a re-bid to enter parliament on the ticket of the NPP, has boasted about her achievements as a first time MP.

Affectionately called Ama Sey, in a post on Facebook titled “Message of Hope and Peace”, said her little over three years in office has been characterized by “transparency, accountability, good developmental projects” all over the constituency which is in the Eastern region.

She mentioned that she has been able to “bring employment to the doorsteps of the youth”, designed programs to the benefit of skilled personnel in her area as well as those in school.

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According Ama Sey, she has executed many development projects that “if I say I am going to list them trust me it will take forever”.

She was grateful to her constituents for giving her the opportunity to serve them, a privilege she said “means a lot to me”.

Unfair life

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The incumbent MP had 223 votes, losing with four votes to Ernest Kumi who garnered 227 votes.

Ama Sey who had initially rejected the results and planned to challenge the outcome of the primary in court, has now accepted the precarious nature of life.

“I thank you all for the support during the primaries, although things didn’t turn out like how we expected but that’s just it. Life can be unfair at times but trust me we have fought a good fight and we couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you in the constituency.”

She therefore urged all her followers and constituents “not be devastated”, but should continue to “hold on to faith and believe that tomorrow is with God and He alone knows what is best for us all”.


Ama Sey added, “I am just a mere hairdresser who failed my way to the Parliament of Ghana for the second term and I have done everything within my possible best to serve you all and I believe I did what was expected of me as a Member of Parliament.

“I know most of you are saddened but let’s find strength in this trying times and hope for a better future and the future of our children.

“I am glad I have changed the notion that people who didn’t have better education can’t go to parliament or even make a difference in the society.”

The MP has therefore admonished children not to give up hope, and to the less privileged, she asked them not to stop dreaming.

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