We are not using old voter registration kits – EC defends

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The Electoral Commission (EC) has said that all their voter registration kits are new contrary to public opinion that they are still using the old kits.

The Commission said it was shocked that some members of the public still hold the view that they are using some of their old registration kits.

The EC described persons making the allegations as being mischievous or being ignorant of the difference between the old and the new kits.

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“To still clear the air, the Commission acquired from Thales DIS, 8,000 Biometric Voter Registration kits and another 530 Biometric Voter Registration kits as spares”, a statement from the EC read.

“Over 95 percent of the kits are being used for the registration at our registration centres, our district offices and by the mobile teams,” said the Commission.

According to the EC, “we are presently registering in almost 7,000 centers and the kits are the newly procured ones”.

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It added that the rest of the kits are being kept as backups in the various districts.

The Commission explained that the new biometric voter registration (BVR) kits have different set of batteries and that the scanners are either Greenbits or Kojak.

The Commission also said it has switched to a new brand of computers. EC indicated that it is currently using Dell laptops instead of the former BVRs which were HP.

EC challenged anyone with evidence that it is using any of its old kits in this registration to show them the centers.


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