You can’t marry without your parents getting involved – Elder Kelvin Annan

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The counsellor of Pentecost University College (PUC), Elder Amos Kelvin Annan, has reiterated the relevance of the family during the marriage process.

According to him, the customary marriage processes demand that the families of the ‘yet- to- be’ couples accept the marriage. He noted that no one can marry without the blessing and acceptance of their family.

Elder Kelvin Annan was speaking on the relevance of parents and family during the marriage process with Captain Smart, host of Angel FM’s ‘Anↄpa Bↄfoↄ‘ morning show programme, Tuesday, August 4, 2020..

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“Your parents are not your enemies. It is very important that you inform your parents about your marriage intentions. Looking at our customary laws, it is the family that ‘accepts’ marriages,” he said in Twi.

He, however, added that parents do not have the final say when it comes to marriages; making your intentions known to parents create room for sharing ideas on the issue.

He explained that marriage is not forced on anyone but it is based on a mutual understanding of the persons involved.

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Working from home

The counsellor, who doubles as the Deputy Director of the Youth Ministry of the Church of Pentecost, also said that by virtue of the spread of COVID-19, the concept of work is gradually taking another dimension.

“Thanks to COVID-19, people are staying home yet they are equally working from home,” he stated.

He reasoned that work done by housewives should not be looked down upon or disregarded in any way.

Citing the example of his mother, he opined that married women’s engagements in the home such as nurturing children [while the husband is away at work] among other house chores, are very vital.

According to him, the current debate about housewives being paid for care work in the home stems from how people belittle those essential contributions from women.

“Every work is work; whether you work in an office space or work at home. It is only someone who steals that is not engaged in work,” he emphasised.

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