NDC Organiser accuses Akufo-Addo of destroying Martin Amidu

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The National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Akamba, has accused the governing party, of destroying the Special Prosecutor (SP).

Mr. Akamba alleged that the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, is being selective when it comes to delivering his mandate on cases of corruption.

Joshua Akamba
Joshua Akamba

The NDC national organiser, who spoke to Captain Smart on the ‘Anopa Bofo m’orning show on Angel FM, Monday August 31, stated that, “all of a sudden, my uncle [Martin Amidu] that I used to know, the NPP has seriously and somehow destroyed that my uncle”. 

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According to Joshua Akamba, the Special Prosecutor is going contrary to a promise he made earlier that even if someone sits on radio or features in a newspaper to speak [about corruption] , he [Martin Amidu] would ensure that he probes the matter so long as it is corruption-related.

He said that Martin Amidu seems to be interested in selected cases involving persons of the opposition party while turning a blind eye to those involving NPP appointees, who are legalizing thievery in the country.

“Martin Amidu is my relative and I know how strong this man is fighting corruption [but] today as I’m talking to you, there are cases that have come before him and he said he wouldn’t work on them but if they are cases of NDC, he would investigate them,” Mr. Akamba said in Twi.

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To buttress his argument, the national organiser of the opposition NDC cited the example of the PDS scandal saying that, the Special Prosecutor did not heed the complaints of Ghanaians to investigate the case.

Joshua Akamba said that, “he [SP] said he has no locus to investigate that matter. He will not investigate that [and] he will not mind the people who are complaining”.

He further said the Office of Special Prosecutor has been rendered useless and he had intended to go court on the matter, with Martin Amidu as his lawyer.

‘Family and friends’ government 

Stating that corruption is the bane of Ghana’s development, the NDC national organiser further accused the president of running a ‘family and friends’ government.

According to him, the president has positioned his family members at sensitive ministries such as Works and Housing, the Roads and Highways and the Bank of Ghana.

He also claimed that, the people President Akufo-Addo ‘cleared’ of corruption charges are persons he is directly relatived to. 

He added that, the president has appointed his direct cousin, Ken Ofori-Atta, whom he claimed the NPP themselves accused of spending some money, to be the finance minister.


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