I’ll make you proud to be a Ghanaian – Mahama pledges

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The presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John Dramani
Mahama, says the next NDC government will be committed to building a nation that creates opportunities for all Ghanaians, not a privileged few.

He says working hard to creating jobs, reducing hardship and achieving universal access to
healthcare through the implementation of Free Primary Healthcare will all be on top of the
agenda of the next NDC government.

Speaking in a wrap up interview of his five-day campaign tour of the Western
Region on Woezor TV in Takoradi on Friday, Mr Mahama said “just like you, I
believe everybody, all of us, should have access to healthcare. This is why the NDC will be
rolling out a Free Primary Healthcare Plan for all. Just like you, I believe mothers are sacred, and they deserve quality time with their newborn babies.

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“This is why we are increasing the maternity leave for mothers to four months. Just like you, I believe women are equal to men, and their voice should always be heard. This is why I chose Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang as my running mate. Just like you, I believe young people are right to expect to live in a modern, vibrant Ghana.”

Mr Mahama said he will work towards transforming Ghana into a knowledge-based
economy will and drive development through digitised platforms that provide millions of
opportunities for young people to harness their talent, skills and potentials.

“This is why I am running for President. I will make you proud to be a Ghanaian. I will make you proud of who you are, make you hope for what we can become – a truly developed nation. Be proud of what we can become as a country and join me in my quest to lead our country there, by voting for me, John Mahama, number 2 on the ballot paper on 7th December,” he added.

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Mr Mahama therefore urged the electorates to make it a collective duty to bring about the
change that they all desire for their community and country.

“In John Dramani Mahama, you have a President you can TRUST, a President with a track
record of development, a President that knows and has the experience of managing difficult
situations. I have a great vision for our country. Together, we can leave a legacy. The time is now. Vote John Mahama for jobs and prosperity for all,” he concluded.

SourceAngel FM

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