Man allegedly impregnates two step-daughters, threatens to kill them

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A 41-year-old father has allegedly impregnated his two step-daughters aged 13 and 15, at Weija SCC in Accra.

In an interview with Angel News’ Odehye Kwaku Asiedu, the 13 year old who is currently five months pregnant, revealed that her step father has been sleeping with her twice a day and has threatened to kill her if she lets the secret out.

“I was sleeping in the store one evening when my step father came in and lied with me. It happened when my mother was out of town. It has since been frequent. He sleeps with me almost every afternoon and evening.”

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“He sometimes takes me to Kakraba to have sex with me over there. I couldn’t report him to my mother because he threatened to kill me if I let out the secrete,” she narrated. 

According to her, she did not know she was pregnant until her mother asked her to take a pregnancy test following complaints that she has been experiencing some dizziness.

“I feel dizzy sometimes so my mother asked me to take a pregnancy test, that was when I realised I was five months preganant,” she said. 

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The 13 year old added that the situation sometimes makes her uncomfortable among her mates being a Primary Six pupil. 

In the same development, Kwaku Boateng, their step father has a four-month-old son with the elder sister who is 15 years old.

The 15 year old mother, just like her younger sister, was defiled while their mother was away for a funeral except in this case the girl was relocated after the incident. 

She said: “the baby I’m carrying is my step father’s. He slept with me once in the store while I was sleeping. I could not report him to my mother. However, he took me to Kwabenya to live with a woman the following day. That was where the woman noticed my pregnancy and called for my mother.”

“The woman did not take me to hospital. Rather, my mother brought me back here. When she found out that my sister was also pregant, she asked me who was responsible and I told her my step father.”

According to her, the incident happened while the country was under lockdown and schools were closed. She was also threatened by the man not let out the secret or she would face death. 

The 15 year old mother is no longer interested in continuing her education. She hopes to find a work to do instead. 

Meanwhile the mother of the two girls, Madam Gladys Koomson, has an eight year old son with Mr. Kawku Boateng.

She does a menial work for a living; she collects and sells pure water sachets. For this reason she seeks support from well-meaning Ghanaians to sustain her family.

According to her, she is burdened by the situation of her two daughters whom the man she is involved with had slept with. 

She said “I collect and sell pure water sachets. For comfort, I went in for a man and he has slept with my two daughters. One is pregnant and the other has given birth. The room we even sleep in is without windows. I want people to help me so that I can relocate and do some business.”

The case, however, has been referred to the Police for appropriate action.

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