Doing HIV test publicly was last care for my children – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah declares

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Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, has revealed that the motive behind her HIV/AIDS test live on Facebook cam together with her family, was not only to prove their statuses, but as a parent, to offer her children her last parental care and responsibility.

Joyce, who has been muddled by the controversies and allegations levelled against her, coupled with the aversion society has exhibited over the years since the termination of her contract with the Aids Commission, has resolved to take her own life after justifying the negative status of her children.

“Before I would travel down from Germany, I told my mom, I don’t want to live again. So I came to do this thing for my children.” she said in tears, while speaking to Kofi Adoma Nwanwani in an exclusive interview on Angel TV.Joyce Dzidzor

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Having declared publicly that the viral load in her blood is zero, the stigmatized former ambassador indicated that she has been expecting the challenge to intensify on the back of her action.

“I knew once I came out to do the test, the rejection will be more. People will not come close to me. It is ok,” she said, adding “my peace of mind is why I have gone to stay in Germany. Abroad is no heaven. I want to live in my country; I am not a German, but a Ghanaian. But If I come to stay in this country, no one will employ me.”

Purpose of the HIV/AIDS test

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Madam Joyce’s decision to take the HIV/AIDS test live follows reports she has received of certain unfair treatments meted out to her children, aside her personal challenges.

She said in an interview: “My children are going through a lot, they cannot go to school; i recall one day my son came home from school saying that I should stop the HIV project because  they call him ‘AIDS boy’ in school.

“Just recently, my daughter who got admission into school, was sent home because according to a mail sent to me by the authorities, they read on the internet that in have HIV.”

She therefore resorted to the test to clear the air about their status and to offer them the secured future they deserve.

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