Angel Eye: ‘Fix our metallic footbridge maiming school pupils’ – Ashaley Botwe residents appeal

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They quest for a better future through education is becoming dangerous by the day for pupils of Baba Yara MA Primary School in Ashaley Botwe in the La-Nkwatanang Madina Municipality (LADMA) of the Greater Accra as the only footbridge linking their communities to their school has become a death trap.

Commissioned in 2019 by the then Member of Parliament (MP), Saddique Abubakar Boniface, the metallic bridge over a gutter in the Ashaley Botwe township was meant to be a life saver for the pupils who willingly attend school daily.

But the lack of repairs over time has led to the bridge becoming a death trap instead of the saviour for pupils and other residents of the community.

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“The metals have corroded and have become very much exposed creating holes in them which residents can easily hurt anyone who dare cross it…,” Eugene Osei reported from the bridge on Angel Eye, a special segment of the Morning Show, Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ on Thursday.

In their quest to save lives, the residents have adopted ‘appropriate technology’ on the bridge by laying on the metallic slabs, wooden doors and other woods to cover the holes in the metals.

That however has not solved the problem.

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“This place has now become a crime-zone, they have been robbing people here on a dauly basis because when you get here, you can barely walk on this footbridge…,” a female resident narrated to the Morning Show host, Kofi Adoma.

The joy of the residents and the school management committee of the Babayara MA school, will lie in the fixing of the footbridge for the residents and the pupils.

The complains of the residents came to light when a resident, Kwadwo Asare, who was touched by the plight of the pupils of Babayara MA School took a video of the footbridge and sent to the Angel Eye team.


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