Moesha Budoung donates all her possessions to church after giving life to Christ

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Ghanaian actress, Moesha Budoung has said that she has donated all her belongings to the church after accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal saviour.

After sharing her testimony and repenting her sins in Church, the once “slay queen” has seemingly turned over a new leaf.

In a new video circulating on social media today, the now repented “Maurecia” is heard sharing some bits of her journey to Christ.

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According to her, all her flashy possessions have been sold/given out because they were not making her happy.

“I don’t have anything in my account oo. I have sold my car. I was walking to pick a Bolt. I have given everything out. See how I’m looking.

“But me looking like this, I’m happier than when I was travelling around and riding in my Range Rover. I was not a happy child then,” she’s heard saying in the video.

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Maurecia also went ahead to give a word of advice to all the young girls who were looking up to her.

“All these girls who see me and they say they want to be like Moesha, you have seen that it is not easy…you may see them (men) wearing suit and tie but you don’t know where they are getting their monies from, so if you don’t give your life to Christ…

“This is Moesha Boduong, they used to call me Slay Queen of Accra and I was happy,” she added.

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