Ras Mubarak and ex-wife ‘fight’ over 63k school fees for kids

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Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Kunbungu, Ras Mubarak and his ex-wife are in the news again, this time fighting over school fees for their kids.

The ex-wife, Rasheeda Adams in a social media post has expressed her anger at the former MP over his inability to settle the School bills of the children.

In a strongly worded message to the ex-husband which he shared on Facebook, Rasheeda Adams does not understand why the ex-Law maker cannot pay the GHC63K school fees but would rather go about boasting that he is the one taking care of the kids.

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Ras Mubarak's Ex-Wife Calls Him A Church Rat Over GHC63k School Fees For Their Daughters

The contents of the message has infuriated Ras Mubarak who has since taken to the same medium to reply the message sent him by the ex-wife.

Below is his reply:

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