Bawjiase: Baby killed as tipper truck offloads sand on him

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A one and half-year-old baby lost his life after a tipper truck accidently offloaded a trip of sand on him at Awutu Ahuntem near Bawjiase in the Awutu Senya West District of the Central Region.

According to Angel News’ Opanyin Darko, the incident occurred when the driver of the vehicle acting on the orders of the father of the boy offloaded the sand which he had bought for some project.

Unkown to the father and the driver, the child out of excitement at seeing the truck had followed the father outside and was directly behind the vehicle when the driver began offloading the sand.

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The man, who had rushed out ahead of the child, was fixated on directing the tipper truck driver and hence, did not notice that the toddler was behind the truck.

After seeing off the driver, the father went back inside the house only to notice that his son was nowhere to be found.

After a brief search, someone told them that a child was standing close to where the sand was deposited.

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They found the child dead buried beneath the sand upon checks.

Opanyin Darko reported that both the father of the child and the truck driver have been invited to the police station for investigations.

The body of the child has been deposited at the police mortuary.

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