If you want happiness, find Jesus Christ – Delay

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Television and Radio show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay, has declared that Jesus Christ is the source of her happiness in life.

Delay, who has been sharing her life experiences to encourage women and the youth to strive to excel in life, noted that everyone is searching for happiness but hers is found in Jesus Christ.

In her recent tweet, she stated that she is the type that finds her happiness in Christ Jesus but no other place.

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According to her, anyone who wants to be happy should look for Jesus to experience the kind of happiness she has.

She added that she has fallen in love with Christ and everything that has to do with him.
Some of her fans were surprised and reacted to her post.

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“Everyone wants to be happy. I found my happiness in Christ Jesus, the love of my life” she tweeted.

The media personality cum entrepreneur is not known to be a ‘church person’, thus her tweet surprised some of her followers.

Roger for instance wrote, “I never knew u were a Christ person, hold on firmly then, the cross he no easy, but nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, I mean nothing God bless u”.

However, a fan stated that her happiness is a lie and has got nothing to do with Jesus.

Other Twitter users who shared their source of happiness replied as follows:

DonzyStone who also replied to her tweet said that, “My happiness is in momo plz can you make me happy?

Kusiemaame ideas also said, “I found mine in mummies”.

Nana ABA’s crush also wrote, “That’s it miss D…Jesus Christ is proud of you.



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