Don’t live to impress people – Funny Face to Ghanaian youth

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Comedian Funny face has advised Ghanaian youth not live their lives to impress people.

He believes such a life would lead to unnecessary pressure and a bitter end.

Speaking on the Delay show, the “Chokor trotro” actor disclosed that in order to impress people, he started emptying his account to purchase fuel for a Range Rover gifted him by Adebayor.

Explaining his action, he said that people started spreading rumours that he was not in the position to buy fuel and maintain the car due to its luxurious nature hence he wanted to prove them wrong.

“Living to impress people is very wrong, making people believe you have what you don’t is very wrong and its affecting most of the youth”, he said.

He recounted that the expenses for using the Range Rover was very high especially, regarding fuel patronage but his resolve to impress people was the genesis of mounting pressure on himself.

Funny face added that, he loved children and wanted to have kids especially when he saw his friends with their kids.

He said,  he needed to love someone and bear kids, however, his first marriage ended sorely with a lot of controversies.

He further stated that people need to heal from a broken marriage before moving unto another but he didn’t heal fully before jumping into another relationship in a bid to prove to the world he could father a child and love his kids so much from his second marriage.

“I was much attached to my girls”, he said.

He debunked allegations that he was on drugs which triggered his episode. He attributed his episodes to the separation from his kids. He said he loved his kids so much that when they were taken away from him he couldn’t bear it.

Funny Face apologized to people he had wronged and dragged on social media during his down moments. He said that was not who he was but was ready to accept the blame of all that went wrong.


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