Oti Region: NDC recognises SALL area as a constituency

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The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) National Executive Council (NEC), has recognised and adopted as a constituency, communities in the Guan District of the Oti Region which have no representation in Parliament.

The communities, collectively called the SALL area, made up of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe, were exempted during the 2020 parliamentary elections.

These communities were carved out of Hohoe District of the Volta Region. Against this backdrop, the Supreme Court indicated that they could vote as constituents of Hohoe during the Parliamentary election amid the communities having their electoral processes in the district.

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However, according to the Electoral Commission (EC), eligible persons in the community could not vote in the parliamentary elections but the Presidential election only in line with Article 47 (2) which states that no constituency shall fall within more than one region.

“As a result of the creation of the Guan District Local Government (Guan District Assembly) instrument, 2020 and pending the creation of the Guan Constituency, eligible voters in the Guan District will vote only in the Presidential Election but not in the Parliamentary Election in the Buem Constituency,” the EC said.

The Commission further noted that a constituency would be created in the district to allow them elect a representative before January 7, 2021, however that could not materialize because the Constitutional Instrument (CI) for the creation of the constituency could not mature within the period to grant them the opportunity.

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In March 4 , 2022, the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, Godfred Dame, stated on the floor of Parliament that the way forward is to have a fresh election conducted in the Buem Constituency.

“The way to go if we want to achieve representation of the SALL areas in the lifetime of this Parliament is to ensure that proper areas that have been allocated within proper constituencies duly created by law are given their right to vote in proper elections, properly conducted to duly elect Members of Parliament.

“Thus, a proper election ought to be conducted to elect a member of Parliament to represent all of the people in the Buem Constituency as mandated by C.I. 128,” he said.

Despite the argument made on the floor of the House, the government is yet to take any step in effect to the creation of the constituency for the SALL area.

The National Executive Council of the National Democratic Congress, following a meeting held on Monday May 9, 2022 agreed that the area be recognised and adopted as a constituency by the party.


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