‘Discipline, punish and cover up stubborn husbands’ – Miracle Adoma to wives

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The wife of Director of News at the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), Kofi Adomah Nwanwani, Mrs Miracle Adomah has urged all married women to treat their husbands as stubborn children who cannot be thrown away.

According to Mrs Adomah who has been in the life of the journalist for the past 16 years and has been a victim of his infidelity, such treatment to husbands who find themselves following the trajectory helps.

“All wives should take it that their husbands are their first child; Just think of him as your uncooperative child who needs to be disciplined, punished, and covered up,” she said when she surprised her husband on air at Angel FM’s studio to mark Kofi Adomah’s birthday.

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Mrs Adoma admitted, however, that the challenges that come with dealing with such husbands as she has faced are somewhat insufferable because she is human, but the only thing she will remind wives of is the fact that there are moments when “only God can accomplish what humans cannot”.

Affirming her husband’s comments about their fraught relationship, she said it has not been easy for them for the past years but it has been God who has brought them thus far. “I give God all the credit,” she said in exaltation.

The wife seized that moment to wish his husband a happy birthday and more blessings to take care of his four children.

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