E/R: Schools in Yilo Krobo are death traps – Chief laments

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A Divisional Chief of Okper in the Yilo Krobo traditional area, Eastern Region, has hinted that most structures of basic schools in the municipality are in a very deplorable state.

According to Nene Anyeenorgu Teye Agor IX, the infrastructural challenge is a “heartbreaking” situation because the lives of teachers and students who study under the structures are under threat.

Nene Anyeenorgu Teye Agor IX, divisional chief of Okper in Yilo Krobo

Speaking to Angel news’ Jaman Dehyee Opambour, he expressed regrets that despite the unconducive environment, the students are expected to compete with their colleagues in the urban areas who are privileged to be in good infrastructure.

A classroom block for primary five and six of Klo Akwapem R/C Basic School

“What I have seen about these school structures so far is not good at all. These students are our future leaders. When you go to the capital cities you will notice that at least their structures are far better than the ones in the rural areas.

“Meanwhile, they are all assessed with the same examination at these levels, and we hope that they become future leaders but the structures in which they find themselves are in deplorable state which affects their academic excellence and it is so discouraging,” Nene expressed.

Nene Anyeenorgu Teye Agor IX awarded some best students in some selected schools in Yilo Krobo

He made these observations when he paid a courtesy call on ten schools in the municipality as part of his initiative to award the three best students in each class with exercise books, mathematical sets, pens, pencils and others.

The beneficiary schools include Pleyo M/A School, Klo Agogo M/A, Klo Akwapem R/C, and Obawale Presbyterian Basic School among others.

Pleyo M/A Basic School

Nene, therefore, used the opportunity to ask the Government, NGOs, philanthropists, and other stakeholders to consider the plight as a major concern in Yilo Krobo which is affecting the quality of education in the area.

He called for all hands on deck to as a matter of urgency help intervene and solve the problem to enable school children to access quality education.

A School Management Committee (SMC) Chairman for Klo Agogo Akwapem R/C Basic School, Philip Tettey Kwesi, said the poor infrastructure has become a major challenge facing the Municipality and cited his as a “horrible” one.

School Management Chairman of Klo Akwapem R/C Basic School

“We have a lot of problems in our school, in fact, some of our buildings if you could look round, in fact, it is very very horrible. Even snakes are frequently killed in these classrooms where our teachers stand to teach every week.

“Meanwhile, some of these teachers and students have not seen snakes before which causes fear and panic among them. This situation has led most teachers to resist postings to the schools,” Mr Tetteh accounted.

He also indicated a six-unit classroom project has been abandoned since 2012 without any explanation, thereby forcing students to study under deplorable buildings since they lack classroom blocks.

A six-unit classroom project at Klo Akwapem that has been abandoned since 2012

He noted that the menace has affected teaching and learning drastically making them feel uncomfortable.

Mr Tetteh concluded by appealing to authorities to help complete the abandoned school project and also help them get teachers bungalows to aid their stay when posted to the school.

A classroom block in Yilo Krobo

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