Tiny calls Stonebwoy, Merqury “fools” over debt clearance

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Ghanaian rapper, Tinny Aletse, has described his colleagues including Stonebwoy and Mercury Quaye simpletons for paying off a debt he allegedly owed.

Tinny’s rage was stirred when in an interview hosted by Abeiku Santana on Okay FM he was asked about Stonebwoy and friends’ move to pay an amount of GH₵2,000 for the release of his ceased car.

This was after the ‘good Samaritans’ heard that the raged singer’s car was taken by the Taifa Police and was expected to pay the said amount as a refund for failure to honour an event he was scheduled to perform at.

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But responding to the question posed to him on the show three months after the Samaritans’ move, Tinny said, “I saw a video of Mercury Quaye, another gentleman and Stonebwoy entered the studio, and they said I owe whatever and then he [Stonebwoy] says he’ll pay.

“I saw the video and I realise only fools were in the room. There wasn’t a wise person in there. I am telling you straight, I am on the radio, yes. I saw them as just a bunch of fools; bunch of idiots, who have been given a chance to be on the radio.”

According to Tinny, the host of Hitz FM’s Cruise Control, Murqury Quaye, ranks “number one, the topmost idiot” adding “the other guy who was also speaking is a fool”.

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The artist was however disappointed that Stonebwoy whom he had helped while the dancehall artiste was making the strides, would also take the step without any engagement.

“I wasn’t expecting my colleague fool like Stonebwoy. Stonebwoy also joined the fools to be a fool.” I will not excuse Stonebwoy. I will add them all together. They don’t have common sense. I will say that. He is my colleague, he should know better. As a senior man that I have helped you before, coming up and everything, what are you saying?

“And after you saying that you are paying for my debt you didn’t get common sense to call me the next day and say chale we were joking but is what we are hearing true?”


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