We’re not calling for Adwoa Safo’s removal – Constituency Chairman

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The Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for Dome Kwabenya Constituency, Osei Bonsu, has revealed that the Constituency is not calling the dismissal of their embattled representative, Sara Adwoa Safo.

According to him, Adwoa Safo’s removal or otherwise solely lies with parliament.

Mr. Bonsu, however, said they don’t want to be an ‘orphaned constituency’ and the continuous absence of Adwoa Safo is not good since she could have lobbied for development for them.

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He noted on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show that “we know that if you miss 15 sittings [without permission] it is automatic dismissal or you forfeit your seat. We are waiting for parliament to declare the seat vacant.”

The Constituency Chairperson, who was displeased with the constant negative news about the constituency with regards to the MP’s absence, said that he has not heard from the MP for about a year now.

He disclosed “it’s been a while since I heard from Sara Adwoa Safo… for like a year now. She has not officially informed the secretariat or executives but I’ve heard in the news that her son is sick and she’s taking care of him in America. In the past she used to inform us but this around she just disappeared.”

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He added that he has called her severally and later resorted to What’s App messages but the MP only replied that she would revert but failed to do so despite the good relationship between the two.

When asked if the Constituency wishes to change Madam Adwoa Safo, he replied that “it is the decision of the Privileges Committee of Parliament that [we await] and shall work with…but for us we are not calling for her removal from parliament…we are not doing that but we know there are laws. Politics is a serious business, it is not something that you abandon for like a year and there is no correspondence.

“In other jurisdictions you would have been removed long ago. It is in Africa that we condone such things. In the UK being late to parliament a couple of times can get you removed…”

However, if it happens that there is a bye-election and she wishes to contest we need to question her if she is done with her duties in the US, he announced.

He further said constituents are angry about the status quo since they reposed a lot of trust in Adwoa Safo.


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