Prices of coffins to go up

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Coffin makers are pushing for higher prices following the increase in cost of production.

Manufacturers at Asafo in Kumasi complained that materials like fillers, nails, pine, saw and fabrics to line coffins have all gone up.

In order to stay afloat in business, they said they need to adjust prices of the coffins and caskets up or risk business collapse.

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They also pointed to the high rate of inflation rising coupled with fuel and utility tariff increases as reasons to increase prices.

In an interview, one Agya Appiah who has been in the coffin-making industry for 30 years said the fabric used to decorate the casket has shot up by over 100%.

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“I bought it for GHC200 on Friday, I was told today to pay GHC240. I couldn’t buy, so I had to come home to solicit for the remaining amount. Things are expensive…”

He declared that he therefore cannot sell his caskets at a reduced price.

A casket called ‘Abenwaha’ which ranges from GHC1,500 to GHC2,000 will now sell at GHC2,800.

Another manufacturer, Kwame Malvin, who has been in the business for 3 years, says patrons are unhappy with the new prices.

“Starting next week, the prices of coffins will increase. The GHC1,000-priced coffins will be sold at GHC1,500. The GHC800-priced coffins would be sold at GHC1000,” he said.

The manufacturers have however lamented that the new prices are impacting business negatively.


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