Akwamumanhene distools subchief for breaking Oath among other charges

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The Akwamumanhene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, has ordered the immediate distoolment of the Odikro of Akwamu Anyansu, Nana Ofei Owobie.

This Order by the State Council was made after a formal complaint was received from the head of the Anyansu Royal Family, Abusuapaynin Offei and the elders of of the said Stool.

Nana Ofei Owobie, known in private life as Kwadwo Darko, was found guilty of all six charges leveled against him at a State Council meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

The complaint, among other charges, includes unlawful sale of Stool Lands, non-performance of rites and customs for the Stool, gross disrespect to the elders of Anyansu and the Akwamu Paramount Stool, insubordination, refusing or failing to respond to several summons served on him, refusing or failing to attend Traditional Council meetings and most importantly, breaking his oath of office (the Great Oath of the Akwamuhene).

Nana Ofei Owobie
Nana Ofei Owobie, known in private life as Kwadwo Darko, was found guilty of all six charges leveled against him.

All attempts to have the said subchief to appear before Akwamu elders and answer to all charges leveled against him have proven futile.

“In light of the above, the Abusuapayin and the Obaapayin together with all the elders of the afore-mentioned, performed the necessary rites in accordance with custom to have the said Odikro destooled as the Odikro of Akwamu Anyansu, and accordingly informed the Akwamumanhene and the Akwamu Traditional Council of same, in accordance with custom,” the notice communicating the decision read in part.

The said letter, a copy of which is in possession of was issued on Monday, November 27, and signed by the Gyaasewahene (Chief of Staff) of Akwamu State, Nana Semanhyia Darko, communicating the decision to him following the Council meeting.

“Thus, the Akwamuhene, together with the State Council made an Order for the destoolment of Kwadwo Darko as Odikro of Akwamu Anyansu with immediate effect,” it added. Nana Ofei Owobie

The Council further advised the general public “not to deal with the said Kwadwo Darko in relation to any matter concerning Akwamu Anyansu or whatsoever.”

“All persons who have dealt with him in his former capacity are to contact the Akwamu Traditional Authority, Akwamufie, within three (3) months from the date hereof for rectification or else lose any such value as the case may be,” it concluded.


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