Ellembelle: Cocoa farmers petition MP over ‘galamseyers’ taking over their farms

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Some aggrieved Cocoa Farmers in the Ellembele District in the Western Region have petitioned their Member of Parliament Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah to help stop the activities of galamseyers within the catchment area as they have forcefully resorted to taking over their cocoa farms.

The action of these aggrieved farmers followed a demonstration exercise on Saturday, June 1, 2024, where they stormed the Sendu Galamsey site to express their displeasure over the predicament.

Demonstrators holding placards to vent their concerns

The demonstrators alleged that, Chinese and Ghanaian nationals are responsible for the  encroachment of their cocoa farms.

According to them, the activities of these galamseyers not only ravage their properties but also destroy the forest reserve and water bodies.

Speaking after the presentation of the petition, the Leader of the Ellembelle Concerned Cocoa Farmers, Benjamin Azachie appealed to the lawmaker of the area to as a matter of urgency intervene in the practices of the illegal miners because their investments are going waste.

Leader of the Ellembelle Concerned Cocoa Farmers, Benjamin Azachie

On their part, some concerned cocoa farmers told Angel News Nana Fynn, that the impact on their farmlands is worrying and appealed to the government for quick intervention.

“The environmental degradation caused by these activities is catastrophic, resulting in the loss of arable land and the pollution of vital water sources essential for our farming practices.

Current environment in deplorable state

Moreover, when farms are seized, the miners arbitrarily set compensation prices without engaging in any form of negotiation,” said some aggrieved cocoa farmers.

Receiving the petition, the Member of Parliament for Ellembele District Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah assured the demonstrators that their concerns would be forwarded to the appropriate quarters for necessary actions.

Member of Parliament receiving petition form Cocoa farmers

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