Murder: Mother smashes newborn baby against palm tree

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A 26-year-old woman has allegedly killed her newborn baby girl at Breman Amoanda in the Central Region.

The woman, whose name was given as Esi Dora, is said to have dumped the baby in a bush after hitting the baby against a palm tree.

The suspect’s mother, Auntie Efe, confirming the issue to Angel FM’s Kwame Owusu said that, “after studying her tummy, I asked my daughter where the baby was. I told one of my sisters to go and check if the baby died in her womb or not. My sister returned with information that Esi has deliberately dumped the baby”.

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The suspect’s mother disclosed that this is not the first time her daughter, Esi, has committed such an act. She admitted that Esi had previously thrown a baby into a toilet but fortunately someone found out and the baby was rescued.

Esi’s mother added that Esi is well catered for by her husband except for occasional fights between the two.

On his part, the Unit Committee Chairman for the Breman Amoanda said, “I informed one of the Unit Committee Members and together we went to the location where we saw the baby covered in blood”.

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The Committee Chairman said that they have reported the issue to the police, however, as a committee, they are also looking into it.

The suspect Esi has, however, defended herself saying the baby was born dead.

“When I gave birth, she was dead already but I didn’t tell anyone. I made a mistake by throwing her away. Life is difficult for me hence my decision to dump the baby when she died”, she said in Twi.


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