Zoomlion Ghana disinfects Kumasi Airport

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Zoomlion Ghana Limited has undertaken a disinfestation exercise targeted at getting rid of pests and other disease-causing organisms at the Kumasi Airport.

The menace of rodents, crawling and flying insects has become a conduit for spreading diseases and of major concerns for officials and travellers who use the airports.Kumasi airport disinfection

Some of the facilities disinfested included the arrival and departure halls, waiting room, police post, VIP lounge, hold baggage, kitchen and surroundings of the airport.

Speaking to journalists during the exercise, Ashanti Regional Vector Control Officer of Zoomlion, Ernest Nutor, explained that the disinfestation exercise was being carried out to pave way for another disinfection exercise whose target is to deactivate bacteria and viruses including the deadly Covid-19.Ernest Nutor, Kumasi airport disinfection

According to him, the exercise was necessary because ants, rats, cockroaches and other insects do cause health problems and also destroy vital documents of officials hence the need to get rid of them.Kumasi airport disinfection

Mr Nutor added that Zoomlion has expertise in vector control and disinfection services, hence the collaboration with the airport authorities for the exercise.

He revealed that the exercise was being carried out across all airports in the country.Kumasi airport disinfection

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