NDC needs ‘a big sacrifice’ to win 2024 election – Prophet Amoako-Atta

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The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) needs a big sacrifice to be able to successfully wrest power from the ruling party in the 2024 general elections, the Lord’s Parliament Chapel founder has said.

Prophet Amoako-Atta made the revelation when he was speaking about the spate of morally reprehensible behaviors exhibited by the youth of the country in recent times, for which reason the nation must be interceded for.

He said the reprehensible behaviors, as it is being experienced through the killings and storing of human body parts in refrigerators, are a result of the economic hardship bedeviling the country.

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According to him, the country cannot be indifferent about the happenings, else it would be detrimental to the future of her children. Consequently, the government must intervene to remedy the problem.

However, for a party like NDC to topple the ruling New Patriotic Party government for the purpose of salvaging the situation through election 2024, they need a “big sacrifice”, he said on the Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ morning show on September 7, 2021.

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