Poor remunerations responsible for bank staffs’ engagement in criminal offences

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With the spate of street robberies occurring in the country attributable to insider information from banks staffs, a fraud and security expert has blamed the criminal acts on low remuneration paid staff.

According to Richard Kumadoe, the banks have cashiers who are regular staff and perform same roles as casual staff, but the latter are poorly paid which predisposes them to engage in criminal activities.

“Mostly they [casual staff] are the tellers. And humans are not animals, so if anyone would be compromised, it would be the tellers”, added the expert on Angel FM’s Anopa Bↄfoↄ morning show with Kwamena Sam Biney.

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Mr. Kumadoe, among other factors, also drew attention to the space allocated for customers for purposes of filling documents as a contributor to the robbers’ information gathering. “Within the space created for writing and signing, there is something called shoulder surfacing, which means I am able to see what you are writing from my position,” he said.

His comments come on the back of the recent robbery attacks occurring on the streets of the country, especially in intercessions when traffic lights signal for a stop.

The expert noted that it is a module the criminals have adopted after “practicing and mastering it”, adding that “they consider the nature of the road and the behaviour of the drivers who ply those routes, while operating within a certain time to the blind side of the security and the general public.”

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Meanwhile Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kwesi Ofori, has indicated that his outfit is employing every measure necessary in accordance with expert advices to curb the menace.

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