Dozens of foreigners jailed for posing as Ghanaians to register for Ghana card – NIA

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The National Identification Authority (NIA) has disclosed that dozens of foreigners have been prosecuted and jailed for posing as Ghanaians to register for Ghana cards.

According to the Authority, some of the individuals who were arrested and tried in court submitted legitimate documents -birth certificates and passports- but failed to meet the requirements when they underwent a rigorous interview session.

The Head of Corporate Affairs at the NIA, Abudu Abdul Ganiyu, made the revelation on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

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He noted that there are several layers of verification that allow officers of the NIA to fish out people who are Ghanaians and those who are not but impersonating.

Speaking in the local Twi Language, he said “we have arrested a lot of people and as I speak to you, we have sent them to court. They have been tried and several of them who were found guilty have been jailed”.

“During the interview process, due to the training given to our officers, when your answers raise some doubts about your status as a Ghanaian, we pull you aside and alert the CID who would then conduct their investigations,” he added.

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Mr. Ganiyu however, stressed that the largest responsibility lies on Ghanaians to report such persons who may pose as Ghanaians to register for the Ghana card.

“If you have any information about a foreigner who is trying to pose as a Ghanaian for purposes of getting a Ghana card, kindly call the NIA and report the person for us to take action immediately”, he appealed to Ghanaians.

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