Provide manufacturers of contraceptives with feedbacks for refinement

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The General Manager of DKT International has urged health professionals to always provide manufacturers of contraceptives with feedback to help them improve upon their production.

Taking some Pharmacists and Over-the-counter (OTC) drug store operators through the organization’s new products, Mr. Abdulai Adamu indicated that many contraceptives have side effects, so the need for the health service providers to be on the lookout for such complaints from consumers.

“Everything in this life has effects, so I encourage all to give attention to the adverse effects of the contraceptives and to report to the manufacturers so that if there will be any correction, variation or improvement, we will do to serve the public rightly” the manager said at the workshop.

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Mr. Adamu also encouraged the health professionals to educate patients who engage their services on the proper and effective use of contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

According to him consumers use the products without proper consultation with health professionals, hence failing to achieve the desired results.

The workshop was geared towards creating awareness on drug adverse reaction and to promote the contraceptive prevalence rate.

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The goal of the programme was to help track drugs and their side effects on the health of consumers and to monitor the compliance levels in order to enhance their safety in a fast-emerging competitive world.

The training brought together 200 participants across the districts under DKT International.

It witnessed the presence of the Ghana Health Services, Pharmacy Council, Ghana Registered Nurses Association, Food and Drug Authority, Lydia Partner Clinic and Lydia Partner Pharmacy.

The workshop, Mr. Adamu hinted, will be extended to other regions across the country as they seek to bridge the gap between the consumer and the producers of drugs and other contraceptives.

DKT International is a producer of modern-day contraceptives and a social marketing platform for drugs and their side effects.

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