VIDEO: Mum and son attempts murduring an SHS Girl who ‘caught’ them having sex

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A Senior High School (SHS) student escaped death by the skin of her teeth when her biological mother and brother attempted to murder her for witnessing an amorous relationship between the two.

Akosua, not her name, was sleeping when the mum who for a long time have been having sex with her 18-year-old brother attacked her with a kitchen knife.

“I woke up to see my brother and my mother attacking me…I got up from bed and attempted to fight and that was when I realised blood was oozing from my tummy and back…I was weak but still had to fight them…,” she narrated on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show on Wednesday.

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The 20-year-old SHS 1 student narrated further that her mother who was bent on killing her instructed her son turned lover to go out and bring banku stick “and come and hit me with it so I will die”.

“But I managed to fight my mother and free myself but I encountered my brother at the entrance but over-powered him too…,” she narrated further.

Akosua’s brother acting on the instructions of the mother whom she has allegedly been bonking for years stretched forth his hand and pulled her intestines which had gushed out of her tummy following the multiple stabbing.

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“I fell down because I was weak and I started screaming for help…my mother sensing danger started screaming thief, thief and claiming a thief had been to our room and attacked me…,” she said.

One of her Aunts who stay in the same compound house rushed out of her room and ordered that one of Akosua’s cousins to go bring a vehicle which transported her to hospital for medical treatment.

“When the Taxi came, my Auntie said my mother and my brother sit in the vehicle and take to hospital but I insisted no because I didn’t know what they would do to me on the way…,” she told host, Kofi Adomah Nwanwani.

Her insistence made the Auntie to order her mum who had already sat in the vehicle to get down so Akosua could taken to the hospital.

No bed for treatment

The Taxi upon setting off from Awoshie Ada-Maami, a suburb of Accra headed west to the Weija-Gbawe hospital where they hoped to receive medical help for the Home Economics student.

“When we went there, they referred us to Korle But Hospital but we were not admitted there because they claimed there is was no vacant bed for us. We were offered same excuse at Ridge, Police and 37 Military Hospitals where we were finally admitted after a plea…,” Akosua’s Auntie who took her to the hospital narrated.

After several hours at the theatre, the surgeons at 37 Military Hospital were able to perform a successful surgery on her.

Genesis of her woes

“I once entered our room without knocking and chanced upon my mother and my brother having sex…they stopped upon seeing me enter and my mum later confessed to me that she was only removing something for my brother…,” Akosua narrated.

Since that encounter, the already bad relationship between a mother and daughter turned sour due to the belief that Akosua might divulged the secret amorous relationship between the 42-year-old mother and the 18-year-old son to a third person.

“I have heard rumours about the two of them boking themselves but I have never seen it…people even gossip in the area that they see the mother and the son going to take a showers together in a public bath house in this area…,” the Auntie communicated on the Angel FM’s Morning Show.

Inside the single room where Akosua was stabbed

The severity of the love relationship between the mother and son occurred when latter beat the former to pulp for visiting her husband who stays at Ablekuma Agape, also in the Greater Accra Region.

“My step-dad complained a lot about my brother and I remember on one occassion, after my mother returned home after visiting the husband, my brother beat her up for going against his word not to visit the man again…,” Akusua said.

Interestingly, the mother who was abused later begged for forgiveness from the son.

Below is a video of Akosua narrating her story:


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