Ghanaian teenager who developed solar-powered scooter to be offered admission into Silicon Valley Ghana

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The founder and chairman of the Silicon Valley of Ghana, Dr. Thomas Mensah, has announced that the institution would adopt the teenager who invented a solar-powered electric scooter.

The prodigy, Samuel Aboagye, shot to fame when videos of him popped up on social media riding his solar-powered motorbike invention which comes with bicycle bell, break, lights, and plays music.

The teenager, who previously thought of building a wooden car, has created Bluetooth devices using paint containers and gallons. Also, he has created a fan that blows air from front and behind using wood as well as a vacuum cleaner.

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According to Dr. Mensah, he gets impressed when he sees young people putting their talents to use just as the 17-year-old inventor has exhibited to Ghana and the world at large.

Speaking on the Wednesday, January 5, 2022 edition of Angel FM’s breakfast show, the CEO of Silicon Valley while congratulating Samuel Aboagye mentioned that the institution would train the young inventor to do greater exploits.

“These are the things that impress me…we are going to adopt him and give him the guidance and direction at Silicon Valley of Ghana. These are the things that Silicon Valley promotes”.

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Dr. Thomas Mensah, who is Ghanaian-American fibre optics inventor, expressed fears that the prodigy’s talents would be forgotten and go to waste should he return to his village thus the need to train and mentor him become the next Safo Kantanka in Ghana.

He added that Mr. Aboagye would benefit from an Advanced Technical and Vocational Educational Training based on German module, after which he would be given a certificate.

This, he believes would equip the young inventor to venture into other engineering exploits such as repairing of computers, Television sets and a host of electrical appliances.

What is more beautiful than seeing your 17-year-old son who has been trained and certified by Silicon Valley of Ghana repairing your dysfunctional TV or damaged computer, Mr. Mensah quizzed in Twi.

He noted that aside Samuel Aboagye, about 300 Ghanaian youths are also being trained at Silicon Valley in the Advanced TVET programme via a partnership with government of Ghana.

The Ghanaian-American fibre optics inventor also revealed that he would ensure Samuel Aboagye’s work is patented and surround him with people to help him people to develop a business plan for his invention.

The solar-powered electric motorbike

Samuel Aboagye is a form three student at Aggrey Road Number 2 who has built an electronic scooter with a wooden frame that has a functioning radio.

Samuel’s electric bike has a Bluetooth connection that also enables a rider to answer calls without holding the phone.

Aboagye’s solar-powered invention has a functioning bell, break, lights, and plays music too.


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