Our drinking water is unhygienic and making us sick – Kofipare residents lament

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Residents of Kofipare Community in the Ayensuano District in the Eastern Region, are complaining bitterly about their source of dinking which they claim is a major cause of sickness.

The community lacks access to pipe-borne water and have resorted to drinking from a polluted stream running through the town.

According to members of the community, the water from the stream is unhygienic making them ill.

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A male resident told the news team that “the stream water is giving us skin rashes and running stomach” each time we drink from it or use it for bathing.

The Kofipare residents lamented that five out the six mechanised boreholes in the community, which serve about 3000 people, have broken down leaving only one and due to that, there is no option than to rely on the polluted stream.

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A senior citizen in the community stated that “we don’t have water for domestic use in our homes. We travel far distances to the next community to access water for use.”

A woman complaining about the lack of potable water

Another resident expressed worry about pupils being late to school since they have to struggle for water to bathe before leaving for school.


A broken down borehole

Speaking to the media, they also called on authorities to fix their bad roads and provide proper toilet facilities to the community.


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