Yilo Krobo: Expectant mother dies while being carried on wooden slab to hospital

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Asinersi, a farming community in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region was thrown into a state of shock and confusion when an expectant mother who was being carried on a wooden slab to the hospital died on the road.

A sister of the deceased, Amoatey, narrated that the sister who was due for delivery had to be conveyed to the hospital in the Municipal capital due to the lack of medical facility in the town.

Sister to the deceased Pregnant woman who lost her life whilst been carry on a slab to hospital

The lack of a better road connecting the community to the municipal capital meant they could not have access to a vehicle for that purpose cuasing some young guys in the town to volunteer to carry her on the slab serving as ambulance in the community.

A resident of Asinersi fetching water from a stream that serves as their only source of water
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“I lost my pregnant sister and her baby on this mountain when she was being carried on a wooden structure to Somanya to deliver and unfortunately one of the guys who was carrying my sister slipped and fell and on arrival to the hospital, my sister couldn’t survive with such an injury,” Madam Amoatey stated.

The story of Madam Amoatey summarises the misery in the town which lacks several social amenities such as health facility, road network and portable water.

The deplorable state of Asinersi road

A resident and a farmer, Tetteh Francis complained bitterly to Angel News reporter, Jaman Dehyee Opambour upon a visit to the community that their 9.4 kilometers main road that connects to the township of Somanya, Yilo Krobo’s municipal capital is in a deplorable state.

Francis Tetteh, a resident of Asinersi
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According to residents of the mountainous community, the lack of social amenities such asĀ  and many more have been a long-lasting problem.

Mr Tetteh again lamented on the deplorable nature of the 9.4 kilometer road that connects to the municipal capital, Somanya .

According to him, pregnant women and patients are carried on a wooden structure to the municipal’s capital for medical attention due to the bad nature of the road.

Andrews Nyarko, former Assembly Member of Asinersi Electoral Area

“Since 2008 when I lobbied for Re- shaping of the road from the assembly up to now the road has not been given any attention and this had been a burden on us whenever we wanted to transport our farm products to Somanya since no vehicle is willing to come to our community unless in critical situations where vehicles will stop at a point for them to continue the journey by foot”, Mr Nyarko Andrews who is a former assembly member for the area said.

He added that, Asinersi has been the food basket for the Municipality for decades but has been neglected.

Other residents stated that they find it very difficult carrying their products to market centers after harvesting causing their products to go waste.

The farmers have therefore appealed to the government, philanthropists, NGOs, politicians among others to come to their aid.

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