Chaotic NPP constituency election: Akim Oda MP apologizes to Eastern Regional Chairman

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The Member of Parliament for the Akyem Oda constituency, Alexander Akwasi Acquah, has unreservedly apologized to the Eastern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Kinston Akomeng Kissi, for the rude and disrespectful attitude that was shown to him during the conduct of the polling station elections in early March, 2022.

In a letter sent to the media, Akwasi Acquah reiterated that even though he has had occasions to apologized personally to the Regional Chairman since the event, this public apology is to help repair the bad image that Mr. Kissi suffered when he tried to intervene in an impasse during the polling station elections.

“As a Member of Parliament of the Akyem Oda constituency, I take full responsibility of the event and wish to state that I have taken steps to reprimand all the party youth who were identified as having engaged in that unruly emotional display on that fateful day,” he wrote.

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It will be recalled that on the March 1, 2022, the regional chairman had called for a meeting in the Akim Oda constituency to help resolve a petition from the Constituency chairman who was seeking to maintain 80% of the old polling station executives without elections and the allocation of newly created polling stations between himself and the member of parliament.

The Elections committee couldn’t reach a consensus on this demand which almost sparked an agitation to mar the election process.

The commitee continued the elections despite messages from the regional chairman to halt the elections to address the petition.

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He, therefore, decided to personally convene a meeting in the constituency to address the issues. However due to miscommunications that the elections that had been held already was cancelled, some party supporters stormed the meeting to protest.

The MP, who was helpless in that situation, could only prevail on the supporters not to attack the Regional Chairman.

Mr Alexander Akwasi Acquah is hopeful that with the regional chairman’s acceptance of this apology, the Akyem Oda constituency is bouncing back and pledges his unflinching support to the regional chairman.

He said in the letter, that “ the Akyem Oda constituency is solidly behind the regional chairman in his bid to make the region the most formidable region in our quest to break the 8”.

He said he is ready to partner Chairman Kissi to ensure that his constituency keeps leading in the region in percentage votes and to increase the margin. The MP also thanked the members of the ADR committee set up by the party to adjudicate on issues that bedeviled the internal elections .

He commended them for their forthrightness and their impartial way of solving the issues.

The Akyem Oda constituency is among three others in the the region which are yet to have their constituency elections as the party prepares to have their regional elections at the end of this month as part of its reorganization efforts.

Akwasi Acquah Akim Oda
Member of Parliament for Akim Oda, Alexander Akwasi Acquah
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  1. Who paid for the kia truck that brought those close persons of the MP to the meeting’s venue to disrespect the Regional Chairman? And in whose residence was a fake demonstration staged, from which videos and photographs were taken, edited and handed over to rented media houses to give an impression that those photos and videos were all happenings at the venue where the Regional Chairman almost got beaten by persons very close to the MP Akwasi Acquah


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