Ashley Cole spends 23,300 euros on guard dog to prevent another home invasion

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Ashley Cole, the former footballer who suffered a ruthless home robbery in which he was tied up in front of his children and threatened with having his fingers amputated, has bought a security dog worth 23,300 euros to defend his family.

Ashley Cole‘s fiancee Sharon Canu shared pictures on social media of the German Shepherd that the former ArsenalCrystal PalaceChelseaRomaLA Galaxy and Derby County player has acquired.

“My baby went to school today,” Sharon Canu shared, posting a picture of the dog being trained at Elite Protection Dogs in London.

What happened when Ashley Cole was robbed?

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The family were the victims of a terrifying robbery two and a half years ago, which has led to the purchase of the dog.

In January 2020, Ashley Cole was robbed by masked burglars at his mansion in Fetcham, Surrey.

In the violent robbery, which took place on January 21, up to six robbers “dressed in camouflage clothing and balaclavas” made off with a large amount of cash and jewellery.

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Ashley Cole was tied up at knifepoint in front of his partner and two children and one of the robbers suggested to his companions “let’s cut his fingers off”.

Cole told the court earlier this year what happened when he went onto the balcony at his home and saw the intruders.

“Now I see a minimum of four running from a bush which is probably 15 yards away or so,” he said.

“They half-shouted ‘agh’ and charged towards my bottom windows. I knew now, I am going to die.

“I have got my kids in the house and I have no one to help. I tried to shout on the balcony as loud as I could.”

Hopefully Cole and his family can enjoy a peaceful life without any such threats, while they also have the peace of mind provided by this new addition to the family.



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