June 4th laid foundations for Ghana’s constitution, democracy – Zanetor Rawlings

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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Korle Klottey constituency, Dr. Zanetor Rawlings, has noted that the events of June 4, 1979 contributed to Ghana’s long-lasting democracy.

According to her, the democratic governance being enjoyed in the country did not occur by accident.

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In her opinion, the Fourth Republic, which is the nation’s longest republic, exists due to the good foundation laid by the June 4 Uprising.

The legislator, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a photo exhibition and theatre performance organised by the Jerry John Rawlings Foundation to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the June 4 Uprising in Accra, said that not everything that happened on the day was good but the nation must be honest about what occurred.

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“Some people don’t know that the same Rawlings that people accused of not being democratic is the reason why we have this 4th Republic. But for Rawlings’ decision for everyone to be included in the formation of the Constitution that created the Fourth Republic, only some select few, in certain professions such as lawyers, would have had their views captured.”

A theatre performance to portray events of June 4, 1979 at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
A theatre performance to portray events of June 4, 1979 at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences

She further remarked, “If today, Ghana has become the oasis in the sub-region where many countries in West Africa have witnessed coup d’état, but Ghana still has an enduring republic, we must recognise that someone did something good for us and that is why it is enduring because democracy is not by accident and having a constitutional rule is not by accident.”

Some audiences at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences to watch the theatre performance on June 4

“So, today if we are celebrating the longest republic in our history, we must understand and appreciate all the reasons that led us to that point, and recognise all those who contributed to achieve this longest republic. It didn’t happen by chance.”

Dr. Zanetor however pointed out that the various coup d’etats and violent extremisms Ghana’s neighbours are experiencing can equally hit the country, hence the need to promote good governance.

Some press cuttings from the Daily Graphic which showcased the achievements of the late President Rawlings

The Korle Klottey MP declared that if government fails to deliver on its mandate but creates avenues for corruption and hardship to thrive, people would take advantage of the public disenchantment to cause mayhem.

“We should be guided [by the events of June 4. 43 years on, [though] some people have made up their mind not to acknowledge what happened. They should at least be guided that we’ve come a long way and this is not the time for Ghana to be going back.”

In attendance were Dr Kwabena Duffour and Koku Anyidohu

She announced that the 43th commemoration of June 4, which took place at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Science auditorium on Saturday, was to remember and celebrate the life and works of former President Jerry John Rawlings, leader of the 1979 uprising, as well as the people he worked with.

She emphasized that it is about time Ghana told the history of June 4, because some people have made up their minds not to acknowledge what transpired and tell lies about what happened at the time.

“The new generation needs to know what happened and what led to the events of that fateful day. We need to know our history and in history you don’t tell what you like and leave out what you dislike. History must be told so that future generations understand their roots because you only know how to determine your future when you are clear about your past”, she concluded.


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