Chief of Anyinam urges students to explore opportunities in STEM education

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The chief of Anyinam, Okogyeabosuo Baning Duodu, has encouraged students to be very serious and dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education

According to him, there are several opportunities to explore within the STEM framework and that explains why the Ghana Education Service (GES) is pushing for STEM to succeed in Ghana.

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He indicated that there is a STEM school at Abomusu in the Eastern Region and therefore, students should take advantage of it for their benefit.

“Ghana Education Service is emphasizing on STEM. I call on parents and guardians to encourage their children to take Science Technical, Engineering and Mathematics more seriously…”

The chief made these remarks during a Science and Technology fair launch at Anyinam under the theme: “Bringing Technology To The Rural Child all hands to the wheel.”

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The launch brought together about 4,000 students from various institutions within the district to witness the Science and Technology fair and the advantages involved.

The Department of Science and Biomedical Department at KNUST, Dext Technology and a host of other institutions came to demonstrate some of their  science projects at the program .

A Science club from the Afua Kubi Ampem Girls  Senior High School from Ashanti Region also came to demonstrate their airplanes and drones which they flew.

An organiser of the programme, Nana Gyekye Kyeremeh, said the children are scared to learn Science in the rural areas because they lack the gargets to support what they learn.

He thus pleaded with some of the organisations and institutions who have gargets to come on board to support the students which he believes will aid in the teaching and learning of Science and Technology.

“The students don’t have the exposure to the gargets, which has made some students scared to even hold some of the gargets and now everything we do involves Science and Technology. So we are inviting other organizations that are into Science and Technology  to come and support the students get a brighter future to help our country as well”.

Gloria Anyelebe, who is a member of the Afua kobi Ampem SHS Girls club, said she can build a drone and an airplane herself; and encouraged all the girls to stop the ‘I cant do spirit because what men can do women can do more.

“I will encourage all students especially the girls, not to be discouraged in whatever they do because mostly people think  it is only the boys who can build drones and airplanes but we should let them know that what men can do women can also do same” Gloria said.


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