Fix our rusting solar system – Abijan residents to DCE

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Residents of Abijan in the Afigya Kwabere North District of the Ashanti region have made a passionate appeal to their District Chief Executive (DCE) Karikari Acheamfour as a matter of urgency to come to their aid and fix their solar panels as it has started rusting.

According to them, since last year when they brought the solar panels to be installed, the components are still lying on the ground being beaten by rain and scorched by the sun to the point of rust.

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They disclosed that they exhausted their energies to dig the hole for the installation purpose but to date, they dwell in total darkness.

“The way they told us to dig the hole as soon as possible, we thought they are going to fix it with immediate effect not knowing that they were deceiving us,” they said.

Residents revealed that due to the lack of electricity, students in the community find it difficult to study. They sometimes use torch light which often has negative effects on their eyes.

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Speaking to Angel News reporter, Bismark Mensah, they added that the community provides foodstuffs like cassava, plantain, cocoyam, garden eggs, yams, and cash crops like cocoa, palm, cashew among others to the country, yet governments have come and gone but none of them has listened to their plea.

According to them, residents in the area have to walk about a mile to a different area before they have access to electric power to charge their mobile phones.

Roads, health facilities and places of convenience are dealing with lighting issues which is a major problem they have spoken about for many years but no action has been taken to solve the same.

Because they do not have health facilities, when someone falls sick or is in labour, the person has to be carried on motorbikes to the facility.

In addition to that challenge, the roads are bad which makes them lose lives.

They are appealing to the government to address their concerns with some urgency because if the worrying situation continues, all the people in the area will hardly survive.

“We are pleading with the government to come and help solve the problems.”

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