Chiefs at Assin Andoe ritually cleanse family of 60-year-old man who slept with 3 daughters

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The traditional authorities at Assin Andoe in the Assin South District of the Central Region have performed a purification rite for Opanin Kwame Atta, a 60-year-old man who admitted to having sexual intercourse with his 3 biological daughters.

Opanin Kwame Atta popularly known as Showboy, was slapped with a fee of GH₵12,000 and five sheep by the chiefs and elders of the community two weeks ago.

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The fee and the sheep required of him were meant for the family’s pacification and sacrifice.

However, the guilty man was able to raise GH₵8,000 with four sheep for the rites due to financial constraints.

The Chief of Assin Andoe, Nana Atta Banafo III, after the rites at the palace, told Angel News reporter Shadrack Owusu Asante that they will perform two more rituals at the places where the incestuous acts occurred including the farm.

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“We will visit the village where they are from to perform the rest of the rites, but before we do so, we would assemble all members of the family. And whatever they are required to do they will do to prevent any further tragedy in the land and the family of the culprit,” he added.

Nana Atta Banafo III who doubles as the Adontehene for the Apimanim Traditional Council, described the practice as an abomination in the sights of the gods and an evil act that must not be condoned in any society, and he admonished the public to desist from same.


Opanin Kwame Atta the 60-year-old man was fined GH₵12,000 for having sexual intercourse with his three biological daughters at Assin Akyesan in the Assin South District.

The traditional authorities of Assin Andoe in the Assin South District also demanded some items including 3 full-grown sheep, crates of assorted drinks, and bottles of exotic schnapps from the culprit.

The authorities met and came to the decision after the Opanin Kwame Atta admitted to having sexual intercourse with his own daughters when he appeared before the traditional leaders at the Assin Andoe Palace.

The issue came to light following a strange disease that bedevilled the family for many months with no cure, leading to confessions of having engaged in the incestuous acts.


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