No bungalow for headteacher, inadequate staffing; the plight of St. John’s Grammar school

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The President of St. John’s Grammar Old Students Association (JOSA), Rev. Louis Hiagbe, has lamented the lack of school facilities on campus.

Speaking to after a donation exercise by the Old Students on Friday, December 9, the President said the school land could be used to fill the infrastructure gap.

The remark follows reports that the Ga North Municipal Assembly has planned to establish a market behind the green belt stretching from the school’s new dining hall to behind the girls dormitory to the Mile 7 area.

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“Our intention is that there are so many things that encourages teaching and learning and a market within the school exactly does not enhance teaching and learning,” Rev. Louis Hiagbe lamented.

“At the same time, there are so many needs that the school has, we do not have headmaster’s bungalow, just like you heard in the course of the programme the school is one of the most populated schools in Greater Accra, we don’t have one-quarter of the teachers on school”, he added.

Proceeding, the President of JOSA, Rev. Louis Hiagbe revealed that the school has not been able to accommodate many student boarders.

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He then stressed that JOSA would like to put up more dormitories, more teachers’ bungalows, as well as an ICT center in conjunction with the government and other stakeholders.

“In actual fact, we have come as old students…and we are in consultation with the school so that we can know where to dot a science block, computer lab, a new library,” the President of JOSA, Rev. Louis Hiagbe said.

“In actual fact the old assembly hall is what is being used for a library which means that we don’t have a library by itself and an assembly hall.”

Therefore, Rev. Louis Hiagbe buttressed that it has become very critical and needful for the old students to support in putting up all these things.

He was of the view that when a bit of the space is equally taken for a market then JOSA would not have space to put up things they intend to do to support government and their alma mater to make it one of the great schools.

Meanwhile, “JOSA is waiting for a call through the headmaster that the regional minister and the MCE are in town. And so we are very hopeful when we meet again, this issue will be resolve and then we can go ahead with the plans that we have to support our school,” JOSA President Rev. Louis Hiagbe assured.

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