Yilo Krobo MCE commends ECG for swift response after heavy rains

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The Municipal Chief Executive of Yilo Krobo Assembly, Eric Tetteh, has appreciated the staff of the Krobo District of the Electricity Company of Ghana for their swiftness and dedication to restore power supply after a rainstorm, which occurred on the evening of Thursday, May 16,2024, had caused some devastation within the Yilo Krobo area.

Mr. Tetteh shared the sentiment on a stakeholders WhatsApp platform, which includes assembly members, community opinion leaders, journalists and heads of some critical institutions as well as officials of ECG in the Krobo District and Tema Region.

The platform serves as a medium through which the stakeholders and the power distributor provide updates on electricity supply, challenges on outages and any related issues.

During the Thursday evening storm, some customers within the jurisdiction had their power supply curtailed.

Right after the storm, some stakeholders immediately shared on the platform issues of fallen cables in Kpogunor and Somanya, which were the reason for the power outage during the storm. These faults and maintenance team of the Krobo District ECG went to work in a bid to fix all the anomalies and to restore supply to customers.

The MCE had witnessed one of the Faults team working throughout Friday and on Saturday, May 18, whom he praised on the whatsapp platform.

He said, “It was yesterday I appreciated the work of ECG in earnest.”

“The tragedy at my stretch was devastating. ECG boss and your team ayekoo. But force for us to get light today,” he added.

The devastation at the side of the MCE was major hence the work to fix the damage would take time.

However, the ECG Krobo District Manager, Ing. Christopher Apawu had shared on the platform the jight before that “please, customers at and around the MCE’s area are still without electricity. This will be resolved tomorrow. Thank you very much for your patience. Goodnight”.

The District Team is working to fix all the damages caused by the storm and hopes to get all customers on supply by close of day on Saturday, 18th May 2024.

The ECG advises the general public to ensure their safety during storms as a number of ripped roofs, uprooted trees, fallen billboards and poles have been recorded in recent times.

The public should endeavour to stay away from broken cables at any point in time and to please inform the power distributor to fix it and to avoid any devastation from possible electricity related causes.


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